Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wings of Valor - A Huge Update is coming!!

Thank you all our customers!!
After 3 months of work, We finished a huge update of Wings of Valor. We read all great reviews and messages you left. There was so many cool ideas to make the game better. So we did our best to fulfill your expectations.
There are so many new features but we can't write them all below. We just hope that you love this update.
If nothing goes wrong, You can meet this update in next week. Thanks.


Update 1.1
New game mode - Carrier Defense
Tracking Camera Button added
New Camera movements added
Faster background performance with lesser memory
Ace Color added
Save slots added
Improved flight logic and dogfight AI
camera performance improved
More upgrade items
Almost text messages replaced with image Icons
Weapons balance fixed
Health Bar added
Campaign difficulty fixed
Lots of tweaks and bug fixes.

and still,  NO InApp Purchases.